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Though hemp and marijuana are both derived from cannabis plants, these products are not the same. The chemical composition is different, especially when it comes to THC levels of each. The cannabinoid is responsible for the ‘high’ that many people associate with marijuana. However, hemp has a much lower THC level, less than 0.3%.

Products at CBD Express come in various forms and dosages to meet each customer’s needs and preferences. Our products are intended to be used as a herbal supplement and no prescription is necessary. Through our stores and products, we hope to provide everyone access to high quality CBD and it's life changing benefits.

Highest Quality

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in the cannabis plant which has many medical benefits. But not all CBD is created equal. It is important to read the label when purchasing CBD products. You can trust that CBD Express products are made using only the highest quality, organically grown hemp grown in The Carolinas. When you make a purchase from CBD Express, you can always know that you are receiving the very best quality. 

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